Samsung Galaxy S7

In the past a cell phone was just a device that could make and get calls; however, it has now turned into a competition. Individuals are so indulged in this innovation that they hardly have time for themselves. Is it a habit? Yes, the truth is more odd than fiction; basically an overall compulsion! It’s up most exasperating: not just on trains, transports, lanes, even while driving! What’s more it’s all over! Nowadays, smart technology has been expanding like the universe since the Big Bang and perhaps one of the most advancing technologies is that of the smart phones. Every year innovations takes place and the most ground breaking eye opening gadgets are incorporated into smart phones day by day. Corporate giants like Samsung are doing most of the heavy lifting in bringing the comfort and usability in the smart phone for their users. Today we will talk about one of the leading Samsung product Galaxy Note 7galaxy s7 naperville Samsung galaxy repair naperville

Each year they roll out some new improvements, include few components, increase camera pixels and append a handsome cost to it and yet everyone falls for it almost. The Samsung Note Series has become one of the most awaited Android smart phones in the market and the 7th release looks to be no different.


Now coming to its specifications, we will talk first about the camera specs as everyone wants to have the perfect click. It will include a 32 mega pixels back camera while 9 mega pixel front camera plus auto laser focus. So yeah, it will actually submerge user’s right into the moment! It will have a 3.3GHz Octa core Processor, it has a whopping 6 GB RAM, unlike any other Smartphone till date, and a battery life is somewhat more fascinating with 4200 May. Display will also be made of a new Corning Gorilla Glass that will provide ideal protection from water drops or any other harmful substances, it will be waterproof.

It will be available in 2 colors being black and white. For the people who are more concerned with security issues, it will also incorporate a fingerprint scanner so that there will be no need to have long passwords. The most amazing feature is the retina sensor plus wireless charging and also rapid charging. Screen determination will be 6.1″ 4K display with a 4096 x 2160 and will include Android 7.0 operating system preinstalled.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ideas will upgrade the majority of the top viewpoints that we have found in every past model while making the new smartphone stronger enough to withstand rough work or treatment, more secure, faster, and generally speaking, make a vastly improved client experience.

In comparison to all these components Samsung is hoping to keep the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prices exceptionally aggressive and will be released during the launch period of the new iPhone 7 same time and they are planning to drop the launch day price to give them the upper hand in a very competitive market which will be indeed a good decision.cell phone repair naperville


So, if you are waiting for something new and imaginative, wait until the 2017 for the dispatch of the Note 7, it will definitely be something worth considering.


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