Cell Phone Battery Charging Problem and Solution

Cell Phone Battery Charging Problem and Solution

Mobile Phone Battery Charging Problem is very common in our everyday life.  Usually, the issues occur from one or two reasons. It may be either from user carelessness or hardware malfunctions. However, you may experience some degree of error with your cell phone over the time.  In this article I will explain the Mobile Phone Battery Charging Problem and solution. So, keep reading…

How to Determine your Mobile Phone Battery Charging Problem

The Cell phone charging problems are very easy to detect and you need not to be worried at all. The quickest way is to watch the phone go into charging mode. You will find your Mobile Phone Battery Charging Problem, if

  • The “Battery Charging” symbol over the main screen is not appeared during charging mode.
  • Some phones-including smart phones-indicate charging status with a light. Whichever type of phone you have, you must have at least a symbol appear where your battery level icon sits. At least any type of indicator must be visible .

If none of the above actions happen, you may have a cell phone charging problem.

However, another two common problems are faulty cords or broken charging ports. For which you may face mobile charging problem. It is a little bit hard to   figure out why a cord or port won’t charge a phone. And it may require a professional technician to repair.

So, if no indicators appear it’s pretty possible that your charging cord is not okay.

Besides this, if you guess the port is bad, try twisting the portion of the cord that connects to the phone. At this stage, the phone may switch over from charging to not charging repeatedly.  If this happen, you may suspect that the port may be bad and need to repair.

How to Fix your Cell Phone Charging Problems

If you want to fix you cell phone charging problem, it’s easy! Here your   purchase status of your phone will determine the procedure of how it can be repaired.

If you have an extended warranty or assurance through the cell phone provider, then

  • Never try to fix the problem yourself.
  • You may take the phone back to the store or to the cell phone store for claiming the warranty.
  • You better take the phone back to a provider-run store. It’s possible that a technician is on the premises to check out your phone and make necessary actions your phone needs right there.

However, if you bought the phone outright or decided to go without an extra warranty, then you have more options to fix the cell phone charging problem:

  • Try another charging cord to see if the cord is malfunctioning or not. If the cord is bad, purchase one from a store and try it out. After changing the cord if the phone charges, then the problem are fixed.
  • Another important thing is to clean the charging port of your cell phone. The dirt and dust can build in the port over time. And that creates barriers the cord to insert fully into the port.

The Final recommendation

When you are going to buy a new phone, buy the complete warranty or service plan offered by the Cell Phone Company or retailers. Be sure the warranty may cost you extra in the beginning, but when the time comes to use it, you’ll be glad you did. And always use your cell phone carefully.

However, I think you have enjoyed this writing on Mobile Phone Battery Charging Problem and Solution. And hope to write on Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working Problem and Solution in my next post. So, till then stay with our Blog.

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