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Samsung Galaxy S8 and Smasung Galaxy S8 Plus

As a flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + is one of the most
powerful smartphones available today. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + are
identified as successors to the Galaxy S7 Edge. The Android smartphone was
announced in late March during the Unpacked 2017 event in New York.


The Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 and S8 + are identified as successors to the
Galaxy S7 Edge last year. The most notable changes in the design are that both
devices are slimmer. The plastic and glass housing of the Galaxy S8 and S8 +
Galaxy is built around an aluminium frame. The case is almost seamless and
feels very solid and premium and is also completely dust- and waterproof. The
Home button is integrated into the screen, which is sensitive to pressure
differences. With its IP68 certification, you can also use the Galaxy S8
underwater, and the unit is resistant to dust. In the Galaxy S8 you can find the
usual 3.5mm jack, and with the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0, you can
connect music to two wireless headphones. The smartphone runs on the latest
version of Android 7.0 Nougat and allows the user to the intelligent voice
assistant Bixby, which makes the user’s life a lot easier.


Samsung attracts attention and the 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display with a
resolution of 1440 by 2960 pixels are perfect for watching movies and series on
a large format. The screen uses AMOLED technology, and the contrast in this
kind of displays is superior, especially what you see reflected in the deep black
colour of the screen. Technically speaking, no natural black colour, but on LCD
screens that are often, simply because there is not a real black. In bright
sunlight, the S8 more than okay to read. The phone has a 3000mAh battery,
which is either wireless charging or USB Type-C connector.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with an Exynos processor with eight cores.
Four of them running at 2.35 GHz and are responsible for the brute force,
while the other four running at up to 1.9 GHz and are much more energy
efficient. Incidentally, all the cores clock itself when not in use to save energy.
The Exynos 8895 chipset and 4 GB of RAM, the Galaxy S8 ready to devour
modern apps and games. The S8 has 64 GB of storage memory and a microSD
memory card slot. This way you can expand the memory of the smartphone
with a whopping 256 GB. The iris scanner helps the user to identify particularly
fast, and the fingerprint scanner on the back unlocks the device for the rightful


Samsung Galaxy S8 is in -built with a 12-megapixel camera, which was
previously used in the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Last year, Samsung proved that
this camera in terms image and video quality is the best smartphone camera in
the market. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + is inbuilt with a “Dual Pixel
camera; Canon SLRs develop this Dual Pixel technology. Thanks to the dualpixel
technology, all 12 million pixels on the camera sensor can focus
individually on each other and concentrate on an object. This results in an
extremely high picture quality and videos in a much faster autofocus. The
Galaxy S8 and S8 + can focus on daylight in 0.15 seconds on an object.
Another interesting detail is that the individual pixels on the camera sensor are
larger than average. Along with the large aperture, this ensures that the
camera of the Galaxy S8 and S8 + can capture significantly more light than
other smartphone cameras. This also results in a better photo and video
material and is especially very noticeable in dark conditions.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an excellent smartphone, and this is the future of
smartphones. This device will be on the record as one of the most
comprehensive smartphones of 2017, and Infinite Display of Galaxy S8 is an
overwhelming development.

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Apple MacBook Review

Apple MacBook Review


Made of sturdy aluminum, the 12 –inch Apple MacBook (2016) that measures 0.5 inch thick only, is an excellent piece of hardware. One of the things we found are impressive is that you can use it while commuting or flying and even when the passenger in front of you recline, you’ll still have more than enough room to work. Furthermore, it’s very light such that you might even forget that it’s in your backpack.


The 12 –inch display of the Apple MacBook (2016) is extremely sharp and colorful to an extent you can’t compare it to any other laptop of its category. The laptop features 2304 x 1440 LED-backlist IPS display along with Intel HD Graphics 515. When we tested the screen, we found out that it was able to register 327 nits on our light meter. The Apple MacBook display can produce a remarkable 107 percent of the color gamut.

Battery life

Of course, MacBooks are known for impressive battery life and MacBook (2016) is no exception. In fact, it has a battery life that is an hour better than the previous one. To be precise, this laptop offers 10 hours of battery life when you’re surfing the web. When we conducted Laptop Mag Battery Test that often involves surfing the web at 100 nits of screen brightness, it was impressive to note that the battery lasted for about 10 hours.


  • Rich and vibrant display
  • Significantly longer battery life
  • Improved performance
  • Fantastically light design


  • Low-res webcam
  • One USB-C port only
  • Cannot power two external displays


The 2016 MacBook is no doubt an improvement over its predecessor. It’s relatively faster, especially if you choose the Core m5 model, and its battery life is an hour longer. The MacBook (2016) packs more performance as well as battery life into an amazingly thin and light design. Having tested it thoroughly to confirm its performance and durability, we can confidently say that MacBook (2016) is what anyone looking for a laptop that combines style, functionality and quality should go for.

Even though 2016 MacBook is an excellent quality laptop, it might sustain dents when you accidentally hit it on some hard surface. It’s also predictable that due to wear and tear that results from everyday use, the laptop might develop some technical problem over time. When that happens, you don’t have to buy a new machine. Instead, bring it to us to repair it for you.

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LG G5 Review, Repair, Fix

LG G5 Review

Even if you are not a fan of LG smartphones, it can be very easy for you to get carried away with what the LG G5 is capable of. Because the phone is modular, which means you can easily swap out its parts you feel are outdated for improved ones, LG G5 allows you to customize it to suite your needs and taste. This makes this LG’s flagship the most innovative phone you can buy.


The all-metal body makes the LG G5 to look great and feel comfortable in your hand than the previous LG G4 that was made of plastic. The layer of primer-paint mix makes the phone feel suitably smooth.

The slender metallic rim that rounds the edges of the device on the rear adds an additional layer of class and style. The handset relies on Micro-Dizing instead of antenna slits, which allows you to enjoy fully the color of the phone. Cases are available in four colors including pink, silver, gold and titan (grey).

Display Screen

It’s impressive that the phone doesn’t insist in squeezing more pixels into its amazing 5.3 –inch display. If at all there are ceiling that no one should break, then that must be QHD resolutions (1440 x 2560) on phones. The smaller size leads to an increase in the pixels per inch such that it becomes about 554ppi.

The colors are vibrant and the brightness is pleasing, which allows for perfect viewing experience. LG has upgraded its IPS LCD and it now includes always-on display functionality.

LG G5 Screen Repair and Replacement , Tmobile, Sprint , At&t, Verizon and More


Round the back of the LG G5, you’ll find two cameras – a 16MP camera and a wide-angle 8MP camera. From the camera app, you can easily switch between the cameras. To use the 16MP snapper, simply hit the rectangle with a tree and if you want to switch to the wide-angle 8MP option, simply hit the rectangle with 3 trees.


·      Useful wide angle camera

·      Excellent screen

·      Super performance

·      Durable battery life


  • Lacking app drawer
  • Battery could be better
  • No waterproofing


Having used, tested and collected reviews from other users, we can conclude that the LG G5 is a supremely solid, fantastic and unique smartphone. Once you stick a module in it, the phone is going to get better than you can imagine. Otherwise, you might fail to realize its full potential.

Like all electronic, LG G5 might develop some technical or mechanical problem, which might interfere with its performance or good looks. When that happens, you don’t have to throw it away and buy a new one, but instead, bring it to us and we’ll fix the problem within no time.

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Dell Inspiron 11 3000 review

Dell Inspiron 11 3000 review

In this crowded market, Dell knows that their desktop computers have to be of top quality and fashionable as well if not more. Available in three fashionable colors, Dell Inspiron 11 3000 is a machine that is made to add a touch of style and functionality to the budget market that is so crowded.

The 11.6-inch notebook is equipped with a low-power Intel Celeron CPU, an unbelievable decent Waves Max audio and about 9 hours of battery life. Something that spoils the fun a bit is that some competitors of the Inspiron 11 3000 provides brighter display and more comfortable keyboards. How we wish Dell could have done more in this regard.


As far as size and weight are concerned, the Inspiron 11 3000, which is exceptionally portable, sits in the middle of the stylish sub-$200 notebook pack. Precisely, the Inspiron weighs 2.4 pounds.

The shoppers of Inspiron 11 3000 have more color options to choose from given that the machine is available in Alpine White and Tango Red. In fact, this makes the Inspiron 11 more competitive because many desktop computers in its category do not offer shoppers more color options.


With 11.6-inch and 1376 x 768-pixels display, the Inspiron 11 3000 is able to produce colors that are just bright enough. When we conducted the test, our colorimeter showed that the display of Inspiron 11 3000 is capable of producing more than 65% of the sRGB spectrum.

The viewing angles are great and the panel of Inspiron 11 3000 emits 193 nits of brightness.


Inspiron 11 3000 packs just enough punch for multitasking thanks to a 1.6-GHz Intel Celeron N3050 CPU, 2GB of RAM along with 32GB of eMMC storage. When we dicided to run multiple Chrome tabs while running a YouTube clip at the same time, we were never hit by any delays and neither did the video become choppy.

The Inspiron managed an impressive score of 1,683 on the GeekBench 3 overall performance test. This is actually respectable as it beats many other systems of its category


·      Solid battery life

·      Great price

·      Excellent audio

·      Multiple color options


·      Poor typing experience

·      Dim, inaccurate display


We sincerely felt that the machine could have better keyboard and display. Apart from that, we found everything about Dell Inspiron 11 3000 to be extremely impressive. The machine is stylish with a compact design and long battery life.

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iMessage oak brok villa park
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iMessage No more Reliable?

According to some reports published this Monday, a team of IT researchers from John Hopkins University has worked out a way to crack open the files sent through the iMessage app. However, it was not at all easy to do so. They spent two whole months in it. The team, under the supervision of Professor Matthew Green made it possible to find out the 64-bit encryption key to open an encrypted image stored on the iCloud.

For stealing the key from the encrypted information carrying it, they developed a software which behaved like an Apple server. By doing so, they were able to get the key from the encrypted transmission.

Once they got the key, they entered it in the iPhone which was able to decrypt the image and it was visible.

Apple’s Action

This process could only target an iPhone with an older version of the iOS running on it but Professor Green said that by modifying the method of attack a little, they could even attack the iPhones with a newer operating system. Apple made immediate efforts and released the iOS 9.3 which is not vulnerable to this sort of attack. According to one of the team members Ian Miers, Apple responded to them very quickly and took serious steps to make the phones safer.

Companies like apple cannot implement the security reforms instantly as they have to put the new systems to test in a number of different expected circumstances. Keeping that in view, the response of Apple towards this research is really appreciable.

Does Apple Have a Weak Security?

The fault that the research team has pointed out is , in no way, a fault with the Apple’s encryption algorithm but just an implementation error, said Bailey, one of the officials of Apple’s security research wing. It just enables you to guess one of the digits in the key and once you do that you can only get the access to a single message, image or a video stored on the phone. To access all the data, you will have to repeat the process for every single item which is virtually not possible. Also, the effort needed to access the data using this process, it is not a viable option for mass-scale hacking.

The iPhones are still way better than the phones which do not use encrypted transmission and this flaw is not something that can affect the routine users as it took two months to crack a single image which means it will require a duration of time longer than the age of universe itself to access all the data on the phone.

Myth of Encryption

Recently, the struggle between Apple and FBI regarding the decryption of some iPhones has gained a lot of public attention. The FBI had declared the encryption on iPhones and Macs to be impenetrable but the Hopkins researchers have shown that it is possible to find flaws in it. Apple has some of the best cryptographic engineers working with them, still the encryption can be broken it makes the other low-end systems totally obsolete when it comes down to encryption.

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Google Striving hard to make Internet safer

As soon ass you get connected to the Internet, your chances of being hacked or otherwise harmed by the army of hackers spread all over the world appear. Google has always tried to make the Internet safer and easier to use. Now Google and its affiliated third-party sites are trying their level best to make the Internet communications more and more safe if not virtually 100% fool-proof.

This week, Google launched a section of its transparency report to fasten the process of encrypting the Internet. Google an its affiliates make more than 25% of the Internet traffic. The report will be updated every week to make sure that the progress in making the Internet encrypted is going at a good speed. The aim is to make HTTPS protocol default in all the services. The search, drive and mail services are already equipped with HTTPS and Blogger was also added in the list a year back. Now efforts are being made to transfer all the Internet traffic to an HTTPS enabled environment. However, implementing the HTTPS protocols everywhere will not be an easy job.

The main problem in implementation of HTTPS is the use of mobile devices. Only 10% of the android based devices are encrypted. This is something beyond the control of Google because this aspect is controlled by the handset maker. Moreover some of the older devices can not even be upgraded to an HTTPS environment due to hardware restrictions. The severity of the mobile devices problems can be judges from the fact that 50% of all the web-pages opened in the world are via mobile devices and 95.5% of all the unencrypted traffic on Google results from the mobile devices.

Google is one of the companies that never accept defeat. They are working on ways to improve this state of affairs. The easiest solution of this problem is to wait for the change of all the mobile devices which will take 24 to 36 months. For time being, Google has to ignore the Android 2 devices and the Windows XP devices because they are incapable of interpreting the TLS and SNI encryption which are the most used methods of this time.

It may not be totally true to say that Google is doing all this effort and putting in all the resources’ for your safety. Actually, it is Google itself which has the most at stake if the Internet becomes unsafe. Google generates revenues from the commerce being performed on the Internet. If the people involved in all that on-line business think that the Internet is not a safe place to transact, Google will ultimately have to suffer. Encryption surely protects people against bulk dragnet surveillance and the hackers trying to access the data through their Wi-Fi network but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The big sites like Google, Wiki and Facebook have secured their connections but there is still the need to secure a large number of other platforms before the Internet can be deemed virtually hack-proof.

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Next Prey Of Hacking: Cars?

Next Prey Of Hacking: Cars?

Why use a gun to kill someone when you can do it by simply hacking? Yes hacking can be that dangerous but of course you cannot kill one by hacking into there Facebook or Yahoo. Hacking can be deadly or highly dangerous if it is used at cars. Cars are being increasingly controlled by computers which control all the aspects from automatic acceleration to collision mitigated braking and cruise control. If somehow, these systems are made faulty by hacking into them, results can be disastrous!

This was pointed out in a joint report issued by FBI, and Transport Safety Board of the US last week. The hacking can be done by a number of ways including the third party apparatus used in the car such as the infotainment systems or the mobile devices connected to the cars. This can not only make the car unsafe to drive but can also facilitate the thieves as the modern cars are using key-less entry and the door locks are also controlled by a computer. In the report, the agencies also demarcated some safety tips for the car owners which are:

  • Ensure installing the software updates issued by the manufacturer
  • Do not install software from a third-party platform or a file sharing services
  • While modifying the vehicles, only the parts approved by the manufacturer may be used
  • Agencies like NHSTA, FBI and Internet Crime Security can be reached out if you suspect a hack.

Intensity of the problem

Talking on the vulnerability of the cars regarding being hacked, Mike Jude, research manager at Frost and Sullivan said that anything that is electronic and has a wireless control can be hacked but the hackers has to have a specific connection to the car to be hacked. Every car manufacturer has a different system for remote operations of the car like a remote start or remote unlock so the hackers will have to devise dedicated technologies for each car to be hacked.

Serious measures need to be taken as the connected cars are becoming more and more mainstream and now almost every car utilizes the wireless technology in one way or the other. Technically it is still very late to start working on this issue and we are in fact lucky that no disastrous event has yet been encountered in this respect.

Moreover, this can not only be used to make a car deadly by disabling the brakes or steering, the cars may be disabled in the middle of nowhere and then the owner can be asked for ransom to get the car working again. The threats are actually unlimited and this issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

The modern cars do have separate systems for controlling the infotainment and the vital functions but hackers can devise methods to gain access to one system once they get into the other. For time being, the safest practice is to follow the guidelines demarcated above.



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The New “In Budget” iPhone Se Repair Geekz 

Apple, the California based company is known for manufacturing some of the most high-end phones, tablets and computers. Delivering the best specs and style, the Apple products have always been outrageously expensive and only the elite can afford them. But, March the 21st 2016 marked a change in the history of Apple products when Tim Cook announced a remake of the famous iPhone 5s under the name of iPhone 5 se.

The phone will be available in more than a hundred countries around the globe by the end of March and will be priced at a mere 399 US Dollars. Though this phone is not an absolutely cheap device but when compared to the existing Apple phones, the price is a quite low one. Before this phone no iPhone was ever priced below 900 Dollars as the release price tag.

Even though the phone is priced half as much as the new iPhones generally are, the company has continued its legacy of not compromising the quality. According to Apple,s press release earlier this Monday, the phone will have all the specs of the latest iPhone 6s. It will be equipped with the same camera, touch id, operating system and the same Apple A9 chip. However, it will be in the size of iPhone 5, the 4 inches screen. This is because of two reasons, firstly, the iPhone 5 size was highly appreciated in the global market and the customers loved the design of this phone, secondly, this will help Apple keep the price of the handset lower.

The handset will have the fastest-to-date Apple A9 chip and the latest iOS 9.3. The rear camera will be a 12 mega-pixel unit capable of capturing 4K videos and 12 MP pictures simultaneously. Moreover the resolution and pixel density is also at par with the latest iPhone 6s. The only feature from iPhone 6s not included in this phone (obviously besides the 4.7 inches touch screen of the 6s0 is the pressure sensing touch or the 3D touch of the iPhone 6s. This phone will also be enabled to respond to the famous ‘hey siri’ command even when it is locked. Noise cancellation will also be improved by using a dedicated Mic for canceling any noise of the surroundings and make the voice communication even more clear. One more amazing feature that this device is going to have is the introduction of a new and improved fingerprint sensor which is certified by the mainstream digital currency service providers like PayPal.

Pre-orders for the phone have already begun. It is intended to target the market portion which previously couldn’t afford to have an iPhone.

The phone will be available in gold and rose gold color besides the usual Grey and white colors which were available in the 5s.

We hope this is a good start from Apple in making technology available to all the classes of the society and not only the wealthy.

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Wild-Dog-Silver Computer repair in Villa park, Elmhurst, Oak Brook, Oak Park,

Wild Dog Pro- The Next Generation of desktop?

System76 announced last week that they are going to launch a new desktop which will be equipped with the latest high-end features enabling it to perform the best in the highly demanding fields of computing like video editing, media creation and software engineering along with the most demanding games of this time.

The desktop will have a pre-installed Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) and will have default unity desktop environment. Users can also install other Linux distributions and desktop environment on their own choice as well.

Wild Dog pro has made it possible for the Linux users to have the best-in-class hardware in turn making them able to do all which they couldn’t previously. System76 is known to use the latest technology enabling Linux to run flawlessly. The recently announced Wild Dog Pro will be priced at some 800 US Dollars.

Mind Blowing Specifications

Wild Dog Pro will come with a choice of two different processors either a sixth-gen Intel multi-threaded, multi-core core i5 Skylake or a water-cooled Intel i7 6700k processor. The chipset they are going to use in this computer will be Intel H170 Express. The memory this system is going to use will be a dual-channel DDR4 @2133 MHz. The memory can extended to as much as 64 GB.

For seamless graphics operations, the user can opt between Intel HD Graphics 530 or an Nvidia graphics card with as much as 4 GB of memory and specifications of GTX 980.

Standard storage will be solid state drives up to 18.5 TB. For the fastest networking solutions, it will have Gigabit Ethernet or Intel Wireless-AC adapter.

To let you connect a number of devices from the outside, this computer will have an impressive array of ports and connectors available. front and rear data ports for both USB 3.0 Type-A, USB 2.0 Type-A and USB 3.1 Type-C. The power supply is rated for 500W to provide 80 percent or greater power efficiency.

Doing all that on the inside, System76 has not compromised on the looks of the desktop. The body is made of lightweight brushed aluminum and is available in silver and black options. The body of this system measures 14.75 inches high by 8.25 inches wide by 19.25 inches deep and weighs 14.5 pounds.

Not Linux-Only

The Wild Dog has performance characteristics to out run any computer running on any OS. Moreover, the machine is designed to last a long time and provide the user a good experience. Most of the all-in-one computers sacrifice one thing for the other but this time System76 has tried to deliver a computer that is quiet, beautiful and Powerful.

This computer will be useful for engineers, designers and other professionals who need high performance and also care the cosmetic appearance of the thing they are buying. System76 has taken the first leap to enable Linux-based systems grab more customer attention. Let’s see what finally happens when the product is used and people review it.

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Macbook pro repair geekz fix in villa park elmhurst oak brook lombard melrose park

New MacBook Unveiled Repair and Fix , Repair Geekz 

The new MacBook has always been an important part of the new tech that comes out every year. Apple has started to lose its once firm grip on the world of smartphones, but computers are still its strongest forte, whether the computers are laptops, desktops or tablet computers.

The great thing about the New MacBook that Apple has unveiled is that it has a ton of new features. It is thinner than ever, which was to be expected somewhat since Apple has a fetish of sorts for thin hardware. The thinner the better, in Apple’s opinion, and in the opinion of the public thinner always looks better too! Remarkably, Apple manages to make their devices thinner every year without ever sacrificing on processing power. The same is true this year around as well. The new MacBook air is so thin that you can shave with it, although getting it so close to water is not highly recommended.

Another great feature that you would notice in the new MacBooks are the keyboards. The keyboards are phenomenally thing. Apple was the first company to introduce new, flat keys that looked a lot better and felt great while typing as well, allowing for faster typing as well as more accurate keystrokes. Apple has done it yet again this year, creating a keyboard that is so thing with keys so flat that they are almost non existent. These keys are almost completely flat, so it’s almost like you are tapping against nothing at all.

This is a boon for people who have to type a lot, as it takes a lot of the strain out of typing. Additionally, it is important for people who simply aren’t very good at typing fast. The rebound of the keys is phenomenal and allows even the most novice of typists to gain an appreciable speed from the keyboard.

The graphics have also been greatly improved, much as they are improved every year. With more pixels per square inch than ever before, watching movies on this incredible laptop is truly an experience and a sight to behold. If you watch a movie, be sure to watch it in 720p or 1080p or, if you should be so lucky, super HD platforms such as 1440p. You will see a new world opened before your very eyes, details so sharp and vivid that it will almost be like you are a part of the movie you are watching, and not simply watching images being played in front of you in the comfort of your own home!

Apple is truly ahead of all of its competitors when it comes to computers. Although laptops running Windows are still quite popular, the Apple fan will be well pleased with what Apple has come up with this year, and the people who disdain Apple would probably be eating their words and agreeing that Apple has truly created something remarkable that is worth considering and switching over to!

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