Apple iPhone 7 Full Specifications That’s A Surprise of the year!


It’s about 6 months away from being released of the iPhone 7 but many rumors around in the air about Apple iPhone 7 full specifications. There are plenty of details can be found online in advance. Some people say it will be the best iPhone every. It will surprise anybody who looked or touched it. Another hand some people said, it will going angry lots of people. Because of it’s just a copycat of iPhone 6 or 6 plus.

Some Apple iPhone 7 Full Specifications

Apple is going to serve the old wine just in a new bottle, nothing else. From the beginning, design, Apple iPhone 7 full specifications, the price of iPhone 7 are shown here and there on online. But, Apple Corporation didn’t unveil anything about iPhone 7.Well, including all of this we are going to analysis that information and serve you some interesting one.

Here we are going to show you some key specification of iPhone 7, according to the online information.



The iPhone 7 is going to have a little bigger battery than previous iPhones. The new set will have a 7.04 why battery that represents a 6.5% increase in capacity. It’s a huge matter for any phone. Also, it’s said that’s the new iPhone is going to be thinner than other models of phone. Most people assumed that the also meant they would include smaller batteries. If they manage to stuff a large battery on iPhone 7, it could be said that this phone will outperform this years model where battery life is concerned when apple makes other optimization as well as before.



The new iPhone 7 will be much thinner other than previous iPhone models. Apple is going to eliminate of the headphone jack, slimmer lighting port, and advanced cell panel technology to make it thinner. Rumors said that it will between 6-6.5 mm in length were iPhone 6s was 7.1 and 6s plus was 7.3 mm.


iPhone 7 may not come out with the design of antenna bands. Usually, the entire phone getting the white antenna bands located on sides, top or bottoms. The rear bands are eliminated for the clear look.

Another rumor of iPhone 7 is the device may have a water resistant strong frame that detaches Apple’s traditional casing.


Also, some other important features to change like,


  • Apple is going to implement EMI shielding techniques in this new one. Rumor was saying Apple going to working on AMOLED displays for next models. But this technology may not be ready for iPhone 7 so they will continue to use their old TFT-LCD display which was used in iPhone 6s.
  • No headphone jack is going to add iPhone 7. in case apple planning to add an all in one lightning port that will support both charging and playback music.
  • IPhone 7 will available with lightning-equipped ear pods, as rumors suggestions.
  • The new iPhone 7 has surfaced and depicting with a Smarts connectors on the back of the device like an iPad pro.
  • The latest version of dual lance camera will be included on iPhone 7 this 12-megapixel dual lance camera system takes advantage through the purchase of Linux Imaging and Israel Camera Company, last year.iphone 7 repair in naperville il


There are many rumors are given on online for the interest of iPhone lovers. Some source climbs to be a leak of genuine information of Apple Corporation which may give a new volume of rumor. But most of the time the expected one is unveiled with lots of surprises beyond the rumors. So wait for having a new surprise of iPhone 7 and enjoy Apple iPhone 7 Full Specifications.