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HTC Announced This Year’s Flagship

Alongside Apple and Samsung, HTC is one of the leading smartphone makers of the present time. In the previous some years, the manufacturer has made some very amazing devices particularly known for their cutting edge performance characteristics and stylish outlook. In a recent event, the company has announced its upcoming phone after a long pause. People had actually started thinking that HTC is now out of the business but the facts have proven otherwise.

According to the Tuesday event, the company will reveal the phone on April the 12th 2016. Like the history of HTC this phone will also be equipped with Android OS. The name of the phone is not yet made public but presumably it will be called the HTC One M10 following the recent nomenclature that HTC is using for its flagship devices.

The Taiwan-based company arranged an on-line conference to make the presentation available in a number of places around the globe. The presentation named “power of 10” suggests that the “10” will be incorporated into the name of the phone. One more clue towards the nae is that the predecessor was One M9 which was preceded by M8 in turn. The original line originated from the HTC One which is sometimes also refereed to as the One M7.

This years announcement is at least a year later keeping in mind the previous trend of HTC when they announced each new phone in the middle of February. The phones were previously announced in the Mobile World Congress. According to some of the researchers, this delay is partly due to the extensive research going on back in Taiwan to make the phone more and more better and partly because the company wants its business to stabilize which which has destabilized due to poor sales and falling market share over last some months.

Regardless of the delay and technical and strategic issues in the release of the phone, it is widely anticipated that the phone is going to be a very amazing device. The phone will have very very compelling camera according to HTC and will be the first phone in the market to enable the users use Virtual reality without the aid of any other system (a set of VR glasses will obviously be needed). It will be a great competition between the announced M10, the latest Samsung flagship s7 and the newer, smaller and cheaper iPhone SE. Talking of the HTC, the VR and the camera are the biggest attractions for the buyers whereas the other two have greater names than the HTC

More news is yet to come regarding this new phone. We have set a close eye on any news regarding this device and will love to break the news to our readers before any other forum does. To get the latest updates on this phone and other tech-related issues, stay tuned to us.

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