Is FBI more Powerful than Apple?

Is FBI more Powerful than Apple?

The struggle between FBI and Apple over unlocking the iPhones of the shooters involved in a recent attack is becoming a burning issue in the tech world. Apple is known for providing the best technology to the users and especially the Encryption they use on their phones and other devices is virtually flawless and no one can possibly break into it. I the recent case, the FBI asked Apple to help them open the passwords of the phones, which the California Based Company flatly refused. Things moved to the court when FBI asked the court to order the Apple officials to open the phones. Apple won the lawsuit and is hereby not responsible for providing any assistance to FBI regarding the passwords.

FBI on the other hand happens to be a very determined organization and it does not seem like they are going to sit back on this issue. They are trying to use any possible method to open the phones or to bypass their security protocols and access the data within. Now FBI has contacted an Israeli Company named Celebrate to help them open the passwords on those stubborn phones, which are beyond the abilities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s team of experts. According to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Cellebrite, the Israeli provider of mobile forensic software will assist FBI in creaking the passwords of the phones used by the San Bernardino, California shooters.

If the Israelis succeed in unlocking the iPhones, FBI will obviously not be in the need of Apple’s assistance in accessing the data on the phones. This news is derived from the Israeli Daily Yedioth Aronoth while the official representatives of Cellebrite have not spoken a word on the matter.

Apple was formerly ordered by a judge to make a software to undo the locking mechanism and let FBI access the data in those phones but Apple has attained stay orders on the matter and is now engaged in an open battle against the FBI constantly declining any demand regarding disabling the pass-codes.

The parties were expected to attend the court meeting on the last Tuesday but on Monday, the government prosecutors appealed the court to postpone the proceedings of the case because the FBI had contacted some ‘third-party’ to present a viable method of opening the encrypted data stored on the phones.

When decided, this case will in turn decide two things. What has the supremacy in the US, the law enforcing agencies or the multi-million dollar companies, which can go to any limit to fulfill the promises, they have made with their stakeholders. On the other hand this will also decide the fate of data protection and privacy legislation of the country as well.

Cellebrite, operates under the parentage of Japanese Sun Corp and it has two businesses, provision of services for retrieving hidden data over various devices and provision of services to mobile makers for making data more secure.