Dell Xps 13 review and repair

Dell XPS 13 Review

Dell XPS 13 Review, Specifications, and Pricing

Dell XPS 13 reviews will help you to learn the info better. And if you know more about the Dell XPS 13 specifications then you can choose the best laptop within your budget. Looking for the great design with super-powered laptop performance? Well, Dell XPS 13 could be the best laptop for you. Also, you can select XPS 13 if you need a longest lasting battery. This is the complete Dell XPS 13 reviews for you. And you will learn all the basic configurations from here.

Dell XPS 13 Reviews on Strong Machined Aluminum Design

Dell XPS 13 has infinity display and has no bezel around the screen. And this design lets Dell fit 13-inch screen into the XPS 13 body. In addition, you will see the XPS 13 screen is moving above the base of the front. And this will allow you to focus on content. In fact, Dell XPS 13 isn’t as thin as its compotators. But Dell uses strong machined aluminum to make the top and bottom of this laptop. So, you will get a quite firm and resilient feeling. If you want a soft typing experience Dell XPS 13 will give it to you. Because Dell used soft-touch carbon fiber to make the keyboard deck.

Dell XPS 13 comes with two models. And one is Silver XPS 13 and another model is Rose-Gold XPS 13. Also, the Silver model is handsome. But the Rose-Gold model is more gold and less pink. In addition, Rose-Gold XPS 13 is $50 more than Silver model. Moreover, Dell XPS 13 weighs 2.7 pounds for the non-touch model. Also, it weighs 2.9 pounds for the touch system version. And the size of XPS 13 is 11.98 x 7.88 x 0.33 – 0.6 inches (W x D x H) (304 x 200 x 9 – 15mm).

XPS 13 Two Display Options

Dell XPS 13 comes with two display system. And both of them offer great display experiences. One model is 1920 x 1080 resolution non-touch and full HD. And another model is 3200 x 1800 pixels quad HD touch screen model. As you can see that this model is more high resolution than the previous one.

Dell XPS 13 Ultraportable Longer Lasting Battery

Looking for the best laptop for working longer hours? Well, Dell XPS 13 will be best for you. Because Dell XPS has a reputation for its longer battery life. In fact, XPS 13 used the ultraportable longest lasting battery. The non-touch version of XPS 13 is lasting 13 hours and 49 minutes with a full charge. And the touch version is lasting 9 hours and 30 minutes.

Great Dell XPS 13 CPU Performance

Dell XPS 13 uses the incredible 7th generations Intel Kaby Lack processors. Also, it has 2.7-3.5 GHz with Core i7-7500U processors based on the models. XPS 13 has not only Core i7 but also Core i5 processors. Now you have two options to choose. And XPS 13 has 8GB DDR4 RAM and Intel HD Graphics 620. Also, you can find 256GB PCIe SSD. With these powerful and strong configurations, you will get the fast and swift performance. And you can use XPS 13 for your daily long hour’s multitasking. In addition, the good news is even if you open 12 tabs and use them all then it will not stutter.

720p HD Widescreen Webcam

XPS 13 has equipped with the 720p widescreen high definition webcam. And the picture quality is decent. But the only weakness is its bizarre placement. To make the super-thin bezel screen, Dell moved the webcam to the bottom left of the screen. Though it’s not a big deal but to make your face clear to your chat partners, you have to move the screen a little farther.

Dell XPS 13 Pricing

Dell XPS 13 has the price range between $799 and $1299. And the price basically depends on the non-touch version and touch version. In addition, the XPS 13 touch model has higher pricing than the non-touch models. It also varies on the upgrade processors.

Dell XPS 13 Reviews Final Thought

From the above Dell XPS 13 reviews, you already know that Dell XPS 13 is the top rated laptop in the market. Because it has superb battery life, faster performance, better Wi-Fi, and incredibly compact designs. So, if these XPS 13 features fulfill your demand then you can buy it.

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5 Brand New Upcoming Laptops 2016 in Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Downers Grove Repair

What will be the big surprises for laptop lovers in this year? Here we bring for you 5 brand new upcoming laptops 2016. These fresh laptops are coming with windows 10 or core as its operating system. They are unique with all by its sides. Let’s check this out what new the included in these laptops.

Upcoming laptops in 2016


Here we have listed 5 new upcoming laptops 2016 which are coming this year.

1. Lenovo Yoga 900S Repair

Like its name, it’s super slim and super smart laptops which are pushing forward in 2016. Thanks to its 360° watchband hinge which gives itself turn into tablet facility. It is very lightweight, less than 1 kilogram and just 12.8 mm thin. Its have 12ʺ QHD display and the battery can run for 10.5 hrs. It’s coming with windows 10 operating system.

This special laptop of Lenovo Yoga 900S is starting with $1099 and it’s available from March 2016.

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2. Dell XPS 13 Repair

Dell XPS 13 is load with interesting features. From the bottom to top you will find all its unique spatiality. It’s razor thin bezel and sharp 13ʺ display into 11ʺ chassis making its one of the most compact portable laptop ever. This laptop is just only 2.7 pound and its battery last nearly 12 hrs. Its Intel 6th Generation Core Processor and SSD delivers very fast performance. Dell also brings a version with quad-HD touch display which gives you a sharp and realistic performance. It’s starting price with $799. For the money XPS 13 is a great choice as a lightweight laptop.

3. Acer Aspire Switch 12 S Repair


Aspire Switch 12S is a 2 in 1 notebook for windows 10. Its outside body made with an anodised aluminium build that offers a slim size; just in 7.85 mm. it has 6th Generation Intel Core M Processing, USB-C and 4k or full HD display option. Also its display comes with gorilla glass 4 Its available from February and the price is $1000-$1200. So, it is also the best one from the upcoming laptops 2016.


4. Hp Spectre x360 Repair


New upgraded version of spectre is offering you the new x360 in this year. This windows 10 processor laptops comes with 2 different models. One is only 13.3ʺ and it’s upgraded with OLED display with QHD resolution. It’s made it 50g lighter and offers a great color gamut. Another hand, the 15.6ʺ model is available in 15.9mm body and 9.5 hrs battery life with 4k resolution display. This is available from the January and price start with $1000. The 13.3ʺ will get a price and release date very soon.

5. Toshiba Portege Z20t Repair

This is the last upcoming laptops 2016 from the 5. Toshiba Portege Z20t seems set to the surface killer title which comes with a smart and sturdy design. Toshiba portege Z20t has a detachable keyboard deck and a rich full HD display that gives the Pc close to maximum battery life. It comes with reliable Core M power and 15 hrs of battery life. Smooth brushed metal backside with the 12.5ʺ display. The display and keyboard held together by a silver hinge which gives it’s a different look. It’s around 3.2 pound which means you can easily carry on it in your backpack. The price could be around $1399-$1699.


So, keep one eye in here and we shall update all the info time to time because there are many more new upcoming laptops 2016 with amazing feature and price.

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