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Mobile Phone Display Not Working Problem and Solution

In this article, we are going to share with you some info about free cell phone screen not working problem and solution. It happens more or less while you are trying to open an application or trying to call a number the display is freeze without any notice. I found my phone a lot in this situation when is just middle of a movie or playing clash of clans. However, there could be any reason behind this blank screen, freezing, etc. and we can treat them both simpler and harder way without damaging the phone. You just need to learn about the basic knowledge of the display problem and solution, that’s it.

How to understand your mobile phone display is not working

You will know that the mobile cell phone screen is not working if,

  • The phone screen is blank, but the power button is working.
  • The screen is freed, but the power button and volume button is working.
  • The screen is frozen at some point, and nothing is working, etc.

Blank display or mobile cell phone display not working problem is mostly occurred by overheating the phone. While using a mobile phone for gaming, watching videos or browsing the ram has needed more power for overworking. So the battery provides more power which overheating the phone, including itself. But you can get rid of such these problems easily if you know some tips and tricks.

So, let’s see what we could do with all to solve the problems.

What is the solution of the not working cell phone display?

No matter what your mobile brand is it, still there is a chance of no display or blank screen once in its life. So, follow these things if you are often trouble with mobile cell phone blank display problem.

  • Turn off the phone by pressing the power button. If it’s not working the press and hold the button until the phone is turn off.
  • Now turn on your mobile phone pressing the power button and check if there is any sound coming from the speaker or not.
  • If you hear the booting sound forms the speaker and checks the status of LCD assembling. Your mobile phone should work perfectly at this time.
  • If the problem is still on then, you have o go the next level. Upgrade your operating system of software of the phone model to the recent version. There could a possibly that the phone was wet or was in damp condition for a long time. If so, it could damage the battery, Ram and some additional parts which preventing the display providing required power.
  • Also, if the LCD screen is broken or shattered, then you have to replace the screen as quick as possible.

There could be some other reason for no display working if it won’t solve in restating of changing the display. If so, check your phone by an expert mobile technician to find our any crucial troubles and solve it with his way. I will discuss with you this type of critical mobile cell phone display not working problem and solution in the future posts. So, keep looking forward on

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