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Shelter in Place Covid-19 Update

Shelter in Place:

We will remain open due to the COVID-19, our store will remain open during the shelter in place for drop off and pick up only since we are an essential service to the community by providing communication services for businesses, first responders, residences, and so forth.

We’ll be doing regular services such as iPhone, Computer, MacBook and Tablet repairs. All of our technicians will be wearing protective gear such as gloves, face masks. We will be sanitizing your device before and after every repair as well. We Sterialoze our store 3 times a day by cleaning door nobs, computers, phones, countertops etc. There will be no waiting for repairs inside the store.

We prefer that appointments are made before visiting so we can expedite your stay by having your work order and recipe when you arrive at drop-off. If you cant make an appointment then we will check you in at the counter. Payments are taken after the job is complete Please click below to schedule an appointment or call us.

We also offer mail-in repair service Call 331-225-2163 for details

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