5 Repairable Phone Damages Repair Companies Could Absolutely Fix

5 Repairable Phone Damages Repair Companies Could Absolutely Fix 

Just what kind of damages you have on your phone? People can’t always hope for any warranty since phone manufacturers don’t seem to offer it for common damages. But, such damages are actually repairable to begin with. Let’s see 5 repairable phone damages here.

Scratched or Cracked Screen

We would say that it is the most common damage people have on their phone. The screen might have been accidentally scratched by other objects while the phone is stored in the bag. It can also happen if the phone itself accidentally falls hard to the ground.

Whether you have normal screen or touch screen, it is not convenient to have starches or cracks on it. You don’t have to worry for it is repairable damage on phone. Repair companies, like Repair Geekz will replace it with the new one and return it to its normal function.

Infiltrated or Soaked by Water

The next common kind of repairable phone damages is about the phone being wet because of water. Either it gets splash of water on it or even completely soaked in the water, the internal parts of the phone will most likely be damaged by corrosion.

For that reason, you will need the help of technicians in repair companies to remove the internal moisture as soon as possible before the corrosion happens. This common phone damage is repairable as long as we clean the moisture completely.

Keypad Not Working Properly

This might be less common that the previous repairable phone damages above, but is still commonly experienced by people these days. If your phone’s keypad is touch screen, repair companies would consider it as screen problem for the touch screen might have been damaged.

How if it is not touch type? If that is the case, it might be because there is dirt piling up below the keypad. To fix this, repair companies will have to clean it up completely. If it does not work, you will get your keypad replaced with the new one.

Charging Port Not Functioning Well

The next kind of repairable phone damages is this one. After quite a long period of time owning and using phone, people often experience the charging port can’t get the charge in to fill up the phone’s battery. The port wouldn’t be able to function well in this case.

If the real problem is the port not the charger, you will have to ask repair companies’ help. Often, you will have to replace the port with the new one. This common damage on phone will be solved easily for repair companies can help you install it in your phone.

Error Speakers on the Phone

Although people don’t always experience this problem, but there are some of them who actually experience it. The problems on speakers are that you can’t hear the person who calls you speaking clearly through it. You might have been hearing some noises from them too.

This can happen because the speakers’ contacts have been loose or even corroded already. This kind of repairable phone damages can be fixed just by fixing the speakers. If not, the technicians would replace them. Just ask Repair Geekz’ help and you will get it done quickly.

Description: Repairable phone damages can be easily fixed by asking the help of technicians in repair companies. Either by repairing the parts or by replacing them, you can get it d

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