PlayStation 4 Repair

Broken HDMI port? PS4 won’t turn on? No problem, Repair Geekz Computer & Cell Phone Repair in Elmhurst, IL has you covered. We now offer PlayStation 4 repair. Call or stop by our store location with your PlayStation for a free consultation. Most repairs can be performed same day.

Is your Playstation not working correctly? No video on TV? Might be the HDMi port that is Defective on the PlayStation
HDMI Port Replacement
Damaged your PS4 HDMI port? We are able to quickly replace the HDMI port in your PS4.
PlayStation 4 Hdmi Port Repair
Ps4 HDMI Port Repair Service

PlayStation 4 Repair Service
Cleaning of inside if opened. Vent cleaning.
Blinking Blue Light
Red Light. White Light
HDMI Port Replacement
No Video | No Signal

PS4 no longer turn on? PS4 turn on but nothing on screen? We can repair any issue your PS4 may have.

Blinking Blue Light Of Death BBLOD or WLOY or White Light Of death
Console will turn on but nothing is displayed on screen. PS4 may beep 3 times.