Nexus 5X review

Nexus 5X review

If an up to the task Smartphone is what you are looking for, then settle for the Nexus 5X. The nexus is beautiful, easy for you to use and comes with compelling features. Add yourself some elegance and a real Smartphone experience by using the nexus 5X.

This Smartphone is lightweight and offers top-line performance. Built with a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, there isn’t any operation that the Nexus cannot undertake. Enjoy an excellent response and speed as you put your nexus 5X into use.


Built with a powerful camera, the Nexus can take pictures even at the dimmest conditions and still capture sharp images.

Fingerprint sensor

With its fingerprint sensor present at the back of the device, you’ll have access to your apps very fast. This fingerprint sensing capability enables your Nexus to unlock your screen and also gives you easy access to your applications.

USB type-c capability

Make your life easier with the Nexus 5X. As opposed to other Smartphone chargers that require you to check which side to pug in, the Nexus comes with a USB type-C charger that is reversible and therefore rids you the trouble of having to guess which way is up. More so, this Smartphone can retain power for up to four hours with only ten minutes of charging.

Operating system

With the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow, that is currently the freshest and fastest version of Android. Become the first to receive software and security updates.

Special pack

The best Google apps come pre-installed. Here you will find millions of apps, books, movies, songs and many games from which to choose.

With all this right at your hands, there is little else you could wish for. The Nexus 5X gives you a life. With it, you have the best of applications, gaming, video playback and an incredible image capturing experience.

Accidents however do happen, and when they happen, you need to find a remedy to the situation. Incase your Nexus breaks its screen, looses its power retaining capabilities or develops any other hardware or software problem, contact us at and we will have it repaired for you at an affordable cost.

At RepairGeekz, we value time. We will fix your screen, replace your battery and attend to whatever else we will be required to at the shortest time possible.


  • Great performance
  • Wide carrier compatibility
  • Great pictures
  • Fingerprint sensor


  • Weak battery life
  • Poor sound clarity from the front speakers


The Nexus 5X is definitely the best option for those who love gaming, photography and an experience with the latest applications.

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