Laptop Speed problems and what is the solutions

Laptop Speed problems and what is the solutions

Laptop Speed problems and what is the solutions

It is really very hard to find a laptop user who did not suffer from laptop speed problems. In fact, laptop speed problem is very common. But its solution is also very near at your hand.

A very new computer turns on faster than anything you’ve ever imagined. But it stays this way for a while, and it goes slow down over the time. In this article, I will tell you the easiest ways to fix your laptop speed problems. So, keep reading to get the solutions.

How to fix your laptop Speed problems

You can fix your laptop speed problem in various ways. Here are some important issues that help you to solve the problems:

Remove Temporary Files

A built-in Windows service is Disk Cleanup. It helps to remove various temporary files from your PC.  Just Click the Start button and go to All Programs. Go to Accessories then click on System Tools. Now go to Disk Cleanup and Select a Drive and click on OK button.

At this stage it will scan the drive for temporary files and then show you a list of files to delete.  Now Check the correct boxes and click OK. This will help you get rid of unnecessary files and make your PC speedier.

Clean up the Registry

The Windows Registry is a very fundamental part of the Windows operating system. If you want to get a faster computer, you must perform computer registry maintenance. Registry optimization tools like WinThruster can do the job. This tool can optimize your Windows Registry and make your computer faster than before.

Clean out dust

If you want to get ride from your laptop speed problems, keep your desktop or laptop dust free. Dust can seriously impact a computer’s performance.  If your computers collect dust, it affects the computer’s ability to cool itself down. So, keep your computer dust free.

Check RAM and the hard drive

Check your computer’s RAM and hard drive carefully. If you find the RAM or hard drive has problem, then both can be serviced by someone familiar with hardware components. It will make your computer faster.

Remove useless programs

You can make your laptop faster by removing any software programs that are rarely used. So, uninstall   any programs that you don’t use often, but remembering to exercise caution when uninstalling programs that may be unfamiliar to you. However, uninstalling unused program can free up some storage space and boost your computer’s performance.

Disable unwanted startup programs

You can seed up your laptop by disabling startup programs that you don’t want to run. To do so, Press the Windows key, go to Run dialog box and type msconfig and press enter. Now click the Startup tab nd uncheck the applications that you don’t want to run.

Upgrade antivirus software

If you want to speed up your desktop computer, you must keep your antivirus software up to date.  Otherwise, computer’s performance may be impacted. But make sure that only one antivirus program is running on a machine at a time.

Reinstall Windows

If your computer speed is significantly slow and you want to make it faster, you can reinstall the operating system. And it will definitely make your computer faster.


In last word, Laptop Speed problems and solutions are very easy tasks, but you have to be a little bit tricky to do it, Hope this article will help you to make your laptop faster than before.

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