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Laptop power problems and solutions

Laptop power problems and solutions

In this article, I am going to discuss you about laptop power problems and solutions. We often find our most hardworking equipment laptop is in power problem and suddenly become silent like pitch black stone.  Power problem may cause for various reasons. Whatever the reason it could be it sometimes could be a serious sign that your laptop might be damaged badly. But not all cases are same. Still, there is a chance that your laptop recovers from the power problem and work perfectly for rest of the days.

How to understand your laptop has power problem

You can understand the problem causing by laptop power problem in many signs. They are quite visible and loud to comprehend. But these step when already some damages happened with the motherboard, RAM or the charging port. Understanding the laptop power problems and solutions take a look below.

  • The charger pin is in the charging port, but the laptop is not charging.
  • The charger pin is in the charging port, and the charging light is on, but the laptop can’t get the display.
  • The motherboard, the fan is working but the display could not on.
  • Everything is stopped working.

So, these are the only trouble with power now is time for discussing some solution. See that you can do for solve these problems.

What is the solution when the laptop has laptop power problems?

Problem one- I have a XX000 laptop, and I just found that the power pin is just turning dark like burnt or something. There is no sign of power or charging the laptop. Rest of the port is just fine, and the AC adaptor is working. What would you suggest for that?

Solution – your power pin is needed to be replaced. You can assure you if possible try the voltage verification with the multimeter. Check the voltage coming out the end of the wire. If the voltages are being conducted to the motherboard correctly, then you would understand the expect problem spot apparently. So with changing the pin, other voltage issues could e solved correctly.

Problem two- I have an YY000 laptop which is plugged into a 30v AC/DC adaptor. It has got the same polarity of the 19v adapter. However, it’s stopped working suddenly when I found there is smoke coming from the power connector.

Solution- there is a chance that our motherboard is burned, so the circuit is heating because the circuit is the part of it. However, still, there is chance the laptop can be powered by battery. You should see what else burn or get burn marks already. If anything other burned they could be replaced or fix but if the motherboard burn and dead then it will not easy to set.

Problem three- my new laptop is just only showing dark screen besides showing anything else. But the motherboard is working; at least I heard sound from the casing. What should I do?

Solution- it could the problem of broken screen. If so, you can see the boot display with the external display. If nothing is shown on the external screen, then there is any problem with inside the motherboard or RAM.

These are some common problem which often occurs with new/old laptops. To know more Laptop power problems and solutions keep looking forward our upcoming post.

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