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Laptop Brightness problems and solutions

Laptop Brightness problems and solutions

Laptop Brightness problems are very familiar to the laptop users. And they face this type of problem very often. But don’t be afraid. You will find very easy solution for it. In this article I will explain the common laptop brightness problems and its solution as well. So keep reading!

Common Laptop Brightness problems

The laptop users may have problems adjusting laptop screen brightness very often.  In this stage the system does not respond to the brightness changes properly. I would like to mention it more specifically that you can not have the laptop screen brightness adjusted until the system is restarted or rebooted your laptop.


However, the Laptop users sometimes may have found that when they try to adjust the brightness of the laptop screen, it doesn’t work properly.


Another thing is when you are trying to adjust settings in your control panel; the brightness setting is shown to change. But you will find that the actual screen brightness does not change accordingly.

Generally, it may happen when you resume your laptop from sleep mode or hibernation.

The solutions of Laptop Brightness problems


Are you struggling to see your laptop display clearly?  Isn’t it bright enough to see?  So, have you ever wondered of how to increase the brightness of your laptop screen? Well, thankfully there are a few little tricks to improve the brightness of your laptop screen.


Here are the steps you may follow to solve your Laptop Brightness problems.


Alter the appearance of your laptop’s screen by choosing your wallpaper image. You can also try to set your display to a dark image that has a high contrast. Now spend a very short time to let your eyes to be used to the dark image. Hence, the screen will appear brighter to you.




To solve your laptop brightness problem, go to the Windows Control Panel; now go to the Power Options. Here you will find Advanced Settings. Advanced setting>power buttons and lid. Then go to “lid close action”. Here you need to change some settings. Now you have to change the settings for “on battery” and “plugged in”. So, they both are set to “do nothing”.

I think, it will solve this screen brightness issue for Laptop Brightness problems.


Here, you will find very effective tips that will really works – especially at night.  Use your laptop in a dark room and keep the lights switched off.


It may be clear. However, here, the darkness means that your whole vision is concentrated on the screen that makes the display seem much more vivid than before. Moreover, this will create a greater feeling of immersion.  And it may be an excellent way to play games as well.

Some Alternative Solutions

There are also some alternative solutions for your laptop brightness problems. And it may work for some users too.  Open or close the laptop lid, uninstall or reinstall the monitor. You can also try hibernating or resuming the system, and installing a new monitor driver as well to solve the problems.


Lastly, you can see a number of little tricks and tricks that you can do to make your laptop brightness problem solved. Hope this article will help you to solve your laptop’s brightness problem. In my next post I will come with another helpful stuff for you guys. Till then, stay connected!







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