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Using a device that is not functioning properly can be a real headache. Also, the idea of getting it repaired is also daunting for you don’t know what has and what can happen to your device. We understand your feelings, so here we are to make things easier for you.

At Repair Geeks, we provide you with seamless, professional, and cost-effective repair services. We make sure that you are satisfied from our services and would call us again if you ever need the service again. We aim to help and assist our clients in their business and routine life, and for this we leave no stone unturned to make their tasks easier for them.

Services We Provide

Well, as smartphones, computers and laptops have become an integral part of our daily life including schools, colleges, businesses, enterprises and corporation, if a device stops functioning properly, it will be considered a big problem. And that is why we provide you repair services for your devices including: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Samsung, and Mac in Hillside IL.

Areas We Deal With

Not only Hillside IL, but we also provide services for Service Oak Park, Elmhurst, Oak brook, Melrose Park, and Villa Park, Franklin Park, IL, Lombard, Maywood, Westchester, Westmont, Maywood, Downers Grove, and Glen Ellyn.

Things which make us stand out:

  • We cater to your demands at personalized level and provide experienced professionals to you.
  • We give you the best rates and thus don’t become a burden on your pocket.
  • We provide Quality OEM/ Original parts.
  • We provide services for any kind of electronic device, but we have specialized professionals, rather than ‘all-rounder’.
  • Our Apple iPhone, iPad and MacBook Repair services are talk of the town.

So, if your iPhone, iPad or MacBook is becoming a headache, come to us for we know what to do with these little gadgets.

Apple iPhone, iPad and MacBook Repair

When you feel that your iPhone, iPad or MacBook is having issues, don’t put off calling the services as it can aggravate the problem.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a longstanding record of accomplishments and success regarding the repair services which are renowned.
  • We are reliable. Honesty is our best policy. We ensure that all projects are completed in perfection.
  • We attend and address every feedback and are in continuous process of improvement. We use original, reliable and reputable tools.
  • We respond immediately to your call.
  • We provide you flexible rates.
  • We care about your privacy and go at lengths to protect your information and privacy.

Repair Services

The repair services that we provide regarding your device are:

  • Glass Replacement

If your phone has a shattered glass, come to us. We deal with every brand you can think about.

  • Glass & LCD Replacement

If you have dropped your phone, glass is not the only thing to suffer. The LCD can receive damage too. If your screen does not respond on time to swipe gestures or so, it is time to get your phone checked.

  • Diagnostic Services

Sometimes, your phone may not work properly in regards with screen, sound or browsing, but you can’t identify the reason. We have a team of experts that can diagnose which issue your device is facing.

  • Water Damage

If your phone has undergone water damage, you can call us for we can run a water damage diagnosis service to know the issue and then skillfully fix it.

  • Battery Replacement

We provide you battery replacement services for all major brands.

  • Home Button Replacement

If the home button on your device is not working efficiently and you want its replacement, it means you need us.

  • Headphone Jack Repair

If you need your headphone jack repaired, you can call us.

  • Power Button Repair

If your device is giving you trouble regarding its power functioning, we can help you with it.

  • Volume Button Repair

If your device is playing the audio on a deafening note, and you are unable to slow it down, or you can’t follow the beat on your device, it is time to call us.

  • Ear Speaker Repair

If you having difficulty hearing the other person on call, it means you need ear speaker repair.

  • Dock Connector Repair

We can help you with the dock connector issues.

  • Microphone Repair

If you are difficult to be heard during calls, it is a sign you should contact us.

  • Loud Speaker Repair

Is your device’s loudspeaker buzzy or silent? Call us.

  • Camera Repair

If the front or rear camera of your device is malfunctioning i.e. unable to take photos, taking fizzy or black photos, having the flash on all the time or not turning on at all, or is having the shutter unable to open, it is time to contact us.

Devices We Provide Repair for:


  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 plus
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 2G


  • iPad 4 Repair
  • iPad 3 Repair
  • iPad 2 Repair
  • iPad 1 Repair
  • iPad Mini 4 Repair
  • iPad Mini 3 Repair
  • iPad 2 Retina Repair
  • iPad Mini Repair
  • iPad Air 2 Repair
  • iPad Air Repair
  • iPad Pro Repair


  • MacBook Pro Repair
  • MacBook Air Repair
  • MacBook Repair
  • Mac Pro Repair
  • Mac Repair

Servicing Cost

As mentioned earlier, we provide cost-efficient services. Our servicing cost comprises of two portions:

Repairing Services: The cost involved with repairing services provided.

Parts: The cost incurred on parts installed during parts replacement.

We care about you and your device, that is why we provide top quality services at reasonable rates. Moreover, we also provide consultation service regarding your device.