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iPhone 5s

Do you need your iPhone 5S serviced? RepairGeekz will help. Visit our store in wheeling il and you can be out the door in 15min. We specialize in iPhone 5s repairs. Some of the services we provide are

  • Cracked Screens. We will carefully replace your iPhone 5S screen with an OEM replacement, directly from Apple’s manufacturer.
  • Broken Buttons. The assistive touch feature can only work for so long. Let us repair or replace your buttons!
  • Batteries needing replacement. If your battery is consistently depleting and always needing to be charged, come to us for a high quality replacement.
  • Glass replacement. Did you drop your phone? Crack the back? No worries, we’ll take it from here.
  • Dent repair. We provide service to all dents, cracks and nicks on your phone.
  • Camera issues. We will repair or replace your existing camera to maintain an optimal image.
  • Software issues.  Visit us if your phone is slowing down and you don’t know why.
  • And more!


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