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HP Chromebook 13 Review: Specs, Price, and Battery Life

HP Chromebook 13 reviews reveal the complete specs, price, and battery life that obviously astonish you. This is the sleek and brushed-aluminum notebook that has a high-end design. But the lack of touch screen and low battery life will make you think twitch to buy with minimum $499. Obviously, the name suggests that it is the part of Google work program. And with this unique operating system, Google may prove that Chrome is not only for school but also suitable for the workplace.

HP Chromebook 13 Reviews: Specification, Price, and Battery Life

If you want to browse social media casually, check email, and like streaming Netflix HP Chromebook 13 will fit your bill. Even you can expect more if you are willing to pay the higher amount. Then this notebook will offer you the style and speedy performance. Now for more info about this notebook, let’s check the detail specs, price and battery life.

Stylish HP Chromebook 13 Design

If you are looking for a slim notebook that pairs with the elegant design, then HP Chromebook 13 could be better for you. Because it pulls off the thinnest and stylish design among its own kind. Not the metal body but the brushed aluminum body makes the keyboard deck and screen lid shinny. Interestingly, the thickness is 0.5-inch which is slicker than Samsung Chromebook 3 and Chromebook Pixel 2. Because both of them have the thickness of .07-inch and 0.6-inch respectively. And the weight is 2.65 pounds.

HP Chromebook 13 High-End Performance

Among the Chromebook laptop lines, this is the first time HP uses Intel 6th generation Skylake processors. Besides this powerful Core m mobile chip, you will see 8GB LPDDR3 RAM along with 32GB eMMC storage under the hood.

Sharpest Display

With the spectacular 3200 x 1800 pixel screen resolution, HP Chromebook 13 distinguishes itself by the sharpest screen. Because Acer Chromebook 14 and Chromebook Pixel both come with 2560 x 1700 touchscreen display. Also, the display panel comes with Quad HD screen. So, you will see all the images and videos in HD. Also, the videos will play in smooth. But this notebook hasn’t any touchscreen option. And this is the biggest drawback of HP Chromebook 13.

HP Chromebook 13 Lower Battery Life

If you buy a notebook, you must want the long lasting battery has to power your laptop. But you will not find it in this notebook. And according to Laptop Mag Battery Test, you can expect to work only 6 hours and 48 minutes. So, you have to carry a power adapter on a day trip.

HP Chromebook 13 Price

The price starts from $499 to $819. And you may see the price variation based on the different configurations. For example, if you buy HP Chromebook 13 which has Intel Core m3 then you have to pay $599.

These are all about HP Chromebook 13 reviews. And we have tried to show you especially the main features such as an ultra slim, stylish notebook that pairs with high-resolution display. But it has lower battery life and no touch screen. So, between the $499 to $819 prices you should think a little before making a purchasing decision.




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