Samsung Galaxy note 5 LCd Repair

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 LCD repair

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 LCD repair

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 LCD repair involves the LCD screen replacement. This process requires certain complicated steps which are required for USB Board replacement and Home Button flex replacement too.

The difficulty level for this task is moderate. The steps to be taken are 9 and time required is 1 to 2 hours. Tools required for this operation are:

  • Heat Gun: This tool is used to reflow solder to fix soldered connections and melt adhesive keeping the device components compact. Be it a 1500W heat gun which can be used for different repair processes.
  • Opening Picks: This is a thin prying tool which comes helpful when opening electronic devices. Opening pick are a must while opening a tablet, iPad, or any smartphone sealed with the help of adhesive.
  • Suction Handle: Another important tool while opening iPhones, tablets and likewise devices. It is basically a light duty suction cup used to remove glass panels.
  • Screwdriver: A-must for repairing, fixing or in short opening any device. It is used to open laptops. However, you need to be careful while buying one as you should buy only #000, otherwise it would be too large to unscrew the tiny delicate screws.
  • Spudger: It comes handy for prying open things. It is an antistatic tool having many uses regarding the repairing of electronic devices.

The Parts concerned as per this process are:

  • Galaxy Note 5 Charging Assembly (Verizon)
  • Galaxy Note 5 Charging Assembly (AT&T)
  • Galaxy Note 5 T-Mobile
  • Galaxy Note 5 Home Button Assembly
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 LCD
  • Samsung Galaxy Note5 USB Board
  • NuGlas Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy Note5.

The whole procedure is as follows:

Step 1: First you have to remove the SIM card tray and S Pen. If it is a Galaxy Note5 Duos, there are going to be two slots.

Step 2: Remove the back cover by heating itself and the cut it sticker. A very strong adhesive is used so need to be extra careful with the glass and edges. After the back cover is removed, you would see a white strip which is the adhesive sticker.

Step 3: Remove the middle body aka middle housing of your phone. What you have to do is to twist all the screws (20) collectively. The first assembly is to be pushed first. You would find the tiny black adhesives on each corner.

Step 4: Next step would be to remove the battery by separating the battery connector from motherboard and prying up the battery.

Step 5: Release the signal flex cables plugged to motherboard.

Step 6: Now you can remove the LCD screen of your Note5. Release the connector i.e. LCD, digitizer, earpiece assembly, and home button connector attached on the mother board.

Step 7: Remove the USB board connector on the back and then remove the entire motherboard.

Step 8: Release the rear camera along with the black plastic bracket around camera, (these should be removed collectively).

Step 9: Now is the time to remove the front camera along with the noise cancelling mic.

Step 10: Pry the button out now and release the button flex Cable


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Samsung Galaxy S8 and Smasung Galaxy S8 Plus

As a flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + is one of the most
powerful smartphones available today. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + are
identified as successors to the Galaxy S7 Edge. The Android smartphone was
announced in late March during the Unpacked 2017 event in New York.


The Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 and S8 + are identified as successors to the
Galaxy S7 Edge last year. The most notable changes in the design are that both
devices are slimmer. The plastic and glass housing of the Galaxy S8 and S8 +
Galaxy is built around an aluminium frame. The case is almost seamless and
feels very solid and premium and is also completely dust- and waterproof. The
Home button is integrated into the screen, which is sensitive to pressure
differences. With its IP68 certification, you can also use the Galaxy S8
underwater, and the unit is resistant to dust. In the Galaxy S8 you can find the
usual 3.5mm jack, and with the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0, you can
connect music to two wireless headphones. The smartphone runs on the latest
version of Android 7.0 Nougat and allows the user to the intelligent voice
assistant Bixby, which makes the user’s life a lot easier.


Samsung attracts attention and the 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display with a
resolution of 1440 by 2960 pixels are perfect for watching movies and series on
a large format. The screen uses AMOLED technology, and the contrast in this
kind of displays is superior, especially what you see reflected in the deep black
colour of the screen. Technically speaking, no natural black colour, but on LCD
screens that are often, simply because there is not a real black. In bright
sunlight, the S8 more than okay to read. The phone has a 3000mAh battery,
which is either wireless charging or USB Type-C connector.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with an Exynos processor with eight cores.
Four of them running at 2.35 GHz and are responsible for the brute force,
while the other four running at up to 1.9 GHz and are much more energy
efficient. Incidentally, all the cores clock itself when not in use to save energy.
The Exynos 8895 chipset and 4 GB of RAM, the Galaxy S8 ready to devour
modern apps and games. The S8 has 64 GB of storage memory and a microSD
memory card slot. This way you can expand the memory of the smartphone
with a whopping 256 GB. The iris scanner helps the user to identify particularly
fast, and the fingerprint scanner on the back unlocks the device for the rightful


Samsung Galaxy S8 is in -built with a 12-megapixel camera, which was
previously used in the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Last year, Samsung proved that
this camera in terms image and video quality is the best smartphone camera in
the market. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + is inbuilt with a “Dual Pixel
camera; Canon SLRs develop this Dual Pixel technology. Thanks to the dualpixel
technology, all 12 million pixels on the camera sensor can focus
individually on each other and concentrate on an object. This results in an
extremely high picture quality and videos in a much faster autofocus. The
Galaxy S8 and S8 + can focus on daylight in 0.15 seconds on an object.
Another interesting detail is that the individual pixels on the camera sensor are
larger than average. Along with the large aperture, this ensures that the
camera of the Galaxy S8 and S8 + can capture significantly more light than
other smartphone cameras. This also results in a better photo and video
material and is especially very noticeable in dark conditions.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an excellent smartphone, and this is the future of
smartphones. This device will be on the record as one of the most
comprehensive smartphones of 2017, and Infinite Display of Galaxy S8 is an
overwhelming development.

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iphone se screen repair replace replacement repair geekz mail in repair

iPhone SE LCD Screen Repair- Repair Geekz

In this video our technician will show you how to replace the LCD Screen and Glass on the iPhone Se. iphone se screen repair replace replacement repair geekz mail in repair

iphone se screen repair replace replacement repair geekz mail in repair.


Samsung Galaxy s6 Active LCD Screen Repair replacment repair geekz mail in repair

Samsung Galaxy s6 Active LCD Repair Video

In this video, our technician will show how to repel and replace a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active LCD

Our technician replaces the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active LCD, Remove the old LCD with a heat gun and installs a brand new LCD for our Client

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Cell Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working Problem and Solution

‘’My Mobile phone screen touch is not working’’- I can guess you have heard this many times from your friends or other people. In fact it’s a very common problem for smart phone users.

In this article, I will tell you some Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working type Problems and its solution as well. So, I can expect that you will remain with me to the end of this stuff.

What is Cell Phone Screen Touch (PDA)

It’s important to know about Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) before going into its depth diagnosis. The Screen Touch which is also called PDA   is an electronic component. It helps to operate a mobile phone by touching the screen.


However, you can find Touch Screen in different sizes in the market.  Generally, (+), (-), (RX), (TX) are the four points name of this touch screen.


The CPU of the Phone controlled the mobile touch screen is. You will find PDA IC or Screen Touch IC In some Mobile Phone’s Interface. And the IC is main element that keeps running the mobile touch screen


Common Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Problem

There various type of mobile screen touch problems but the below three problems are occurred most frequently.


  1. The mobile phone Screen Touch not working at all.
  2. The screen works but only Half Screen Touch Works.
  3. Only One key is pressed but some other key works.

Before beginning solve the problem

When you will start to solve the problem, the first thing that you should do is power cycle your Mobile phone. Switch off your phone.

Now, you can turn your phone back on. It can often solve minor software glitches or software hiccups. This happen especially if you haven’t powered your phone off for a while.

In this step, if power cycling your phone does the trick, then you can enjoy your working smart phone. But if your phone continues to have the problems then you need to run a diagnostics test on your mobile touch screen.

How to Solve Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working Problem

The common ways to solve the mobile screen touch problems are as follows. This solution is for very common problems, but if your phone’s touch screen is in serious condition, you may need your phone to an expert technician.


So, let’s see these easiest ways to resolve Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working Problem


  1. If your Mobile Phone has Both Keypad and Touch Screen, then check your phone Settings.
  2. You can Check Track of the PDA Section of your phone. Also you can check Jumper if necessary.
  3. You can Clean and Resold PDA Tips and PDA Connector too.
  4. If needed, Change the PDA of your Mobile phone.
  5. for your mobile CPU, you can Heat, Reball or Change
  6. To solve the problem, Heat or Change the PDA IC.
  7. If the PDA Problem is not solved by Hardware, Then Reload Software, hope the problem will be solved.


I hope you have found this article a helpful resource for testing and fixing your Mobile touch screen problems.

I would like to thank you for reading this stuff. And I am looking forward to get any comments regarding this article.  I hope you have got Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working Problem and Solution from this article.

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Mobile Phone Display Not Working Problem and Solution repair geekz cell phone repair

Mobile Phone Display Not Working Problem and Solution

In this article, we are going to share with you some info about free cell phone screen not working problem and solution. It happens more or less while you are trying to open an application or trying to call a number the display is freeze without any notice. I found my phone a lot in this situation when is just middle of a movie or playing clash of clans. However, there could be any reason behind this blank screen, freezing, etc. and we can treat them both simpler and harder way without damaging the phone. You just need to learn about the basic knowledge of the display problem and solution, that’s it.

How to understand your mobile phone display is not working

You will know that the mobile cell phone screen is not working if,

  • The phone screen is blank, but the power button is working.
  • The screen is freed, but the power button and volume button is working.
  • The screen is frozen at some point, and nothing is working, etc.

Blank display or mobile cell phone display not working problem is mostly occurred by overheating the phone. While using a mobile phone for gaming, watching videos or browsing the ram has needed more power for overworking. So the battery provides more power which overheating the phone, including itself. But you can get rid of such these problems easily if you know some tips and tricks.

So, let’s see what we could do with all to solve the problems.

What is the solution of the not working cell phone display?

No matter what your mobile brand is it, still there is a chance of no display or blank screen once in its life. So, follow these things if you are often trouble with mobile cell phone blank display problem.

  • Turn off the phone by pressing the power button. If it’s not working the press and hold the button until the phone is turn off.
  • Now turn on your mobile phone pressing the power button and check if there is any sound coming from the speaker or not.
  • If you hear the booting sound forms the speaker and checks the status of LCD assembling. Your mobile phone should work perfectly at this time.
  • If the problem is still on then, you have o go the next level. Upgrade your operating system of software of the phone model to the recent version. There could a possibly that the phone was wet or was in damp condition for a long time. If so, it could damage the battery, Ram and some additional parts which preventing the display providing required power.
  • Also, if the LCD screen is broken or shattered, then you have to replace the screen as quick as possible.

There could be some other reason for no display working if it won’t solve in restating of changing the display. If so, check your phone by an expert mobile technician to find our any crucial troubles and solve it with his way. I will discuss with you this type of critical mobile cell phone display not working problem and solution in the future posts. So, keep looking forward on

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Nexus 5X review

Nexus 5X review

If an up to the task Smartphone is what you are looking for, then settle for the Nexus 5X. The nexus is beautiful, easy for you to use and comes with compelling features. Add yourself some elegance and a real Smartphone experience by using the nexus 5X.

This Smartphone is lightweight and offers top-line performance. Built with a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, there isn’t any operation that the Nexus cannot undertake. Enjoy an excellent response and speed as you put your nexus 5X into use.


Built with a powerful camera, the Nexus can take pictures even at the dimmest conditions and still capture sharp images.

Fingerprint sensor

With its fingerprint sensor present at the back of the device, you’ll have access to your apps very fast. This fingerprint sensing capability enables your Nexus to unlock your screen and also gives you easy access to your applications.

USB type-c capability

Make your life easier with the Nexus 5X. As opposed to other Smartphone chargers that require you to check which side to pug in, the Nexus comes with a USB type-C charger that is reversible and therefore rids you the trouble of having to guess which way is up. More so, this Smartphone can retain power for up to four hours with only ten minutes of charging.

Operating system

With the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow, that is currently the freshest and fastest version of Android. Become the first to receive software and security updates.

Special pack

The best Google apps come pre-installed. Here you will find millions of apps, books, movies, songs and many games from which to choose.

With all this right at your hands, there is little else you could wish for. The Nexus 5X gives you a life. With it, you have the best of applications, gaming, video playback and an incredible image capturing experience.

Accidents however do happen, and when they happen, you need to find a remedy to the situation. Incase your Nexus breaks its screen, looses its power retaining capabilities or develops any other hardware or software problem, contact us at and we will have it repaired for you at an affordable cost.

At RepairGeekz, we value time. We will fix your screen, replace your battery and attend to whatever else we will be required to at the shortest time possible.


  • Great performance
  • Wide carrier compatibility
  • Great pictures
  • Fingerprint sensor


  • Weak battery life
  • Poor sound clarity from the front speakers


The Nexus 5X is definitely the best option for those who love gaming, photography and an experience with the latest applications.

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Xiaomi Redmi 3S

 Xiaomi Redmi 3S can consider as one of the best smartphones which are now extremely popular in the market because of its looks and incredible features. Within a reasonable price, you are going to get a lot of latest features with this Smartphone.


  • Dual SIM, expandable memory up to 256 GB, internal memory of 16 GB, 2GB RAM and Android Marshmallow version is available with it.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3S has 13MP camera and along with that 5MP front camera.
  • You will get Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, Hotspot and Infrared for the connectivity purpose.
  • It comes with Li-Ion 4100 mAh battery for the best performance.
  • It has some of the other lucrative features like Panorama, Smile or Face detection, touch focus and Geo tagging.

Design and build performance:

The screen size is 5 inches and with a dimension of 139.3×8.5×69.6 mm this Smartphone can be considered as a sleek design Smartphone. The weight of the Smartphone is also quite low. 2GB RAM and Octa Core processor ensure that you are going to get a very satisfactory performance and speed in this Smartphone.


  • As per the performance and speed of various apps in the Smartphone is a concern this Smartphone will be extremely satisfactory.
  • The Camera quality of the Smartphone is excellent. Even the quality of the front camera is good.
  • You will get all the entertainment options like FM Radio, MP3, FLAC Player, Video and Photo Editor and many other lucrative features with the Smartphone.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3S has the document viewer installed in the Smartphone, and this will help you to use the Smartphone for various official works as well.
  • The battery with a turbo charges facility.
  • It comes in Silver, dark grey and black color and this is why in the case of color also you are going to get a good amount of variety.
  • The screen resolution is 720×1280 pixels, and this is why the screen looks extremely prominent.


  • Few customers have faced booting problems with the Smartphone sometimes.
  • As per the option of some of the customers as per the price of the Smartphone is a concern the size could have been little bigger.

Fixing , Unlocking the Xiaomi Redmi 3S

  • Screen Repair
  • Charging port repair
  • Fix and Replace Battery issues
  • Glass Repair
  • LCD Repair
  • Housing Replacement
  • Fix Charging Ports
  • Factory Unlock
  • Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile, Lyca Mobile, Boost Mobile, Sprint and Many more

Service Area

  • Melrose park, IL
  • Elmhurst, IL
  • Oak Brook, IL
  • Oak Park, IL
  • Westmont, IL
  • Villa Park, IL
  • Lombard, IL
  • Glen Ellyn, IL
  • Downers Grove, IL
  • Westchester, IL
  • Franklin Park, IL
  • Elmwood Park, IL
  • Hillside, IL

Final Verdict:

If you take the market feedback, this Smartphone has got overall a very positive feedback from most of its users. It is extremely user-friendly. You will be able to use all the best features of this Smartphone quite easily. The performance and the speed of Xiaomi Redmi 3S are also extremely satisfactory.

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MotoG4Plus repair geekz cell phone repair elmhurst, villa park oak brook fix

How good is the new Moto G4 Plus?

If you are looking for a budget phone that can compete with the high-end ones in the market, the Moto G4 Plus is sure to tickle your sense. It is proof of the fact that budget smartphones are slowly but steadily becoming a thing. So from an objective point of view, how good is it?


  • The dimensions are 153 x 76.6 x 9.8 millimetres.
  • It weighs a total of 155 gm.
  • Screen size is equal to 5.5 inches.
  • Resolution stands at 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • It comes with an internal memory of 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB (depending on the model).
  • RAM size is 2 GB, 3GB or 4 GB.
  • It has a Primary camera of 16 MP.
  • The secondary camera stands at 5 MP.


The Moto G4 Plus has a healthy set of features and is a valuable upgrade over the previous model. So without further ado, here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Comes protected by the Gorilla Glass 3.
  • It has the Android v6.0.1 Marshmallow Operating System.
  • Equipped with an Octa-Core Snap Dragon Processor.
  • GPU used is the Adreno 405.
  • Also comes with a fingerprint scanner, gyro, proximity sensor, and an accelerometer.
  • Supports HTML5 web browsing.
  • It comes in colors of both Black and White.
  • Supports 1080p video recording at 30 fps.

Fixing and Repair the Motorola Moto G4

  • Screen Repair
  • Charging port repair
  • Fix and Replace Battery issues
  • Glass Repair
  • LCD Repair
  • Housing Replacement
  • Fix Charging Ports
  • Factory Unlock
  • Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile, Lyca Mobile, Boost Mobile, Sprint and Many more

Service Area

  • Melrose park, IL
  • Elmhurst, IL
  • Oak Brook, IL
  • Oak Park, IL
  • Westmont, IL
  • Villa Park, IL
  • Lombard, IL
  • Glen Ellyn, IL
  • Downers Grove, IL
  • Westchester, IL
  • Franklin Park, IL
  • Elmwood Park, IL
  • Hillside, IL

Design and Build

The Moto G series is usually known for its compact design but this time around, there is a larger model. It has a 5.5-inch display which is a huge upgrade from the last model and gives a sharper and more vivid look for the user. The rounded finish and strips of metal are all reminiscent of a Moto G phone.

Performance is also excellent for the processor. The octa-core Snapdragon processor is truly something to behold. Overall, it is a good piece of work.


  • One of the best aspects of the Moto G4 Plus is its smooth level of performance that it can provide, mainly due to its octa-core processor.
  • The camera is also crystal clear. After all, the primary camera has 16 MP packed into it.
  • The display of the phone is brilliant and has a crispy feel to it.
  • The latest Marshmallow OS is also immaculate and fresh, providing a smooth experience.


  • Speakers aren’t that great.
  • The metal body that somehow feels like plastic.
  • Fingerprint scanner feels odd and out of place.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Moto G4 Plus is one of the most seamless pieces of work that you will ever see from a Motorola phone. Coming right in the budget zone for people to buy, it serves all the expectations and upgrades on older faults. It is a fantastic device to use and one that apparently represents a good value for the money you spend.

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LG g5 repair fix repair geekz in elmhurst villa park oak brook oak park lombard

LG G5 Review, Repair, Fix

LG G5 Review

Even if you are not a fan of LG smartphones, it can be very easy for you to get carried away with what the LG G5 is capable of. Because the phone is modular, which means you can easily swap out its parts you feel are outdated for improved ones, LG G5 allows you to customize it to suite your needs and taste. This makes this LG’s flagship the most innovative phone you can buy.


The all-metal body makes the LG G5 to look great and feel comfortable in your hand than the previous LG G4 that was made of plastic. The layer of primer-paint mix makes the phone feel suitably smooth.

The slender metallic rim that rounds the edges of the device on the rear adds an additional layer of class and style. The handset relies on Micro-Dizing instead of antenna slits, which allows you to enjoy fully the color of the phone. Cases are available in four colors including pink, silver, gold and titan (grey).

Display Screen

It’s impressive that the phone doesn’t insist in squeezing more pixels into its amazing 5.3 –inch display. If at all there are ceiling that no one should break, then that must be QHD resolutions (1440 x 2560) on phones. The smaller size leads to an increase in the pixels per inch such that it becomes about 554ppi.

The colors are vibrant and the brightness is pleasing, which allows for perfect viewing experience. LG has upgraded its IPS LCD and it now includes always-on display functionality.

LG G5 Screen Repair and Replacement , Tmobile, Sprint , At&t, Verizon and More


Round the back of the LG G5, you’ll find two cameras – a 16MP camera and a wide-angle 8MP camera. From the camera app, you can easily switch between the cameras. To use the 16MP snapper, simply hit the rectangle with a tree and if you want to switch to the wide-angle 8MP option, simply hit the rectangle with 3 trees.


·      Useful wide angle camera

·      Excellent screen

·      Super performance

·      Durable battery life


  • Lacking app drawer
  • Battery could be better
  • No waterproofing


Having used, tested and collected reviews from other users, we can conclude that the LG G5 is a supremely solid, fantastic and unique smartphone. Once you stick a module in it, the phone is going to get better than you can imagine. Otherwise, you might fail to realize its full potential.

Like all electronic, LG G5 might develop some technical or mechanical problem, which might interfere with its performance or good looks. When that happens, you don’t have to throw it away and buy a new one, but instead, bring it to us and we’ll fix the problem within no time.

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