About us

RepairGeekz is one of the leading providers of on demand smartphones, tabs and game console repair services. Our headquarters are in Elmhurst, IL. Also, we provide our extended service in Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Downers Grove, Bolingbrook and Aurora and Naperville. From the screen repair to unlocking a phone we have the experience and team of highly trained technicians to support any type of venture. The combination of all the service work made for us a happy group of customer.

At Repairgeekz, we are passionate about gadgets. From the launching time, we are waiting here for latest smartphones or gaming console or tabs. Because we love all things about tech. you may call us self-declared genius but we are experts at our work. You know our work better.

What RepairGeekz do?

RepairGeekz repairs electronic devices. After all, it is in our brand name! Whether you are a self-lover who is about to take a picture in sea soar. Suddenly your iPhone dropped from your hand just on a sea coral and broke! Or you just spilled a mug of coffee on your tab. We understand how traumatic you could be after this accident occurred. See the broken condition of your precious things is not so easy. But don’t worry. We have been there to repair your favorite gadgets.

Ethics of the RepairGeekz

We try to focus on our services to be better. Because we believe, others have standards but have to reach on just higher. We care most those people who are using technology because we respect technology. Customer satisfaction is the top most priority for use. We put the customer satisfaction above others. We love our passion and we love repairing things. At RepairGeekz, we are passionate about our job and that passion can be seen every work that we do.

Vision of Repairgeekz

We always try to focus our quality so we can be proud what we do. A repair work is only good as quality when it done by good quality parts. Some servicing center may cut the glass by using inferior glass or they buy parts from the unknown supplier. We use all of the genuine parts from genuine companies for repairing any device. For that, we stand by every repair work or parts that we do or use.

To make our service better we continuously change our process. Being innovative is the best way to serve the best. It is no need to say that technology is always changing. For that reason, we are always working to stay on the cutting edge. From the television to iPad we are always super ready to meet new challenges. Who knows one day you will come with your robot servant and fix it or upgrade it!

Humble in learning new contents

We never stop learning from anything or anybody. We are always determining to be better and we consider every opportunity as a lesson for us. Maybe do not have all the answer but it does not mean we stop our trying. We always try to finish any job. If it’s not done we research to learn and try again. Nothing can stop us from trying.

Customer Satisfaction refers to our Satisfaction

RepairGeekz was established due to high demand for high-speed, dependable, reliable and cost effective electronic device repair like smartphones, tablets, computer and game console repair and unlock services. You can save money by repairing devices rather than buy a new one. We are all here by to help you save money and time by doing repair work in reasonable price. Also, we can try to give any services within a short time. Because we believe that customer satisfaction refers to our satisfaction.

What we will do for providing better services?

In Repairgeekz, most of the parts stock in our store to provide a quick service. We have all original part and most up to date equipment and software for unlocking phones or data transfer. All of our facilities are equipped for every type of repair level for walk-in outsources customers. To provide a fast and best quality service we always have technicians in store to diagnose. All of our technicians are certified.

To offer the best and top services, we always have technicians in-house to diagnose, repair and unlock. Our technician and staff are all certified. We have been in business for many years and with our experienced technicians, we can repair all types screen LCD repairs from more complex repairs like broken screen repair or charging port repair for the most electronic device.

Professional Repair Services for

We are Specialties on most of the electronic devices. Including,

Cell Phone, Smart Phone, iPhone (4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 plus), BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Game Consoles, Portable Consoles, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, DSI, Controller mods, Computer, Laptop, iPad (4, mini 4, 3 mini, mini 2, air 2, 1, 2 retina, air and pro), iPod, Tablet, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Note, GSM Unlock and many more.

Our best services

Data recovery

Hard drive crashes or forgets the password of your phone? Just call us or bring it to our center for data recovery or phone unlocking. We can save critical information from hard drive or any memory card that have suffered accidental formatting or deletion. We can also restore data from computer viruses, severe crashes, software corruption, equipment malfunction, power surges outages and natural disasters.

Providing experienced stuff

We provide you highly trained technicians who have the experience to repair, install, test and maintain the entire complex content of those electronic devices.

Free consultation in online


We take out all the hassle of computer, smartphones, and tabs to repair. Just give us a call at (708)-843-3750 (Naperville ill) or (708) 240-4426 (Bellwood, IL) or write us a message online. We will give you the information about the further process or any other consultancies.

Overview of the services

At RepairGeekz, our technicians and staffs have the exceptional ability to service the complex issues for both single and multiple electronic devices. Most cases almost all services could be completed on same day. We always try t o finish a job as soon as possible. Our standard and competitive pricing allow our customer to count us as their first choice.

What Makes RepairGeekz Different

Repairgeekz is a one stop destination for All Brands. We can give you 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our friendly helpful OEM and A+ certified technician have repaired the enormous number of electronic gadgets like smartphones, tab, iPhone, and iPad. No appointment would be necessary just walk in whenever you need us.

An end to end solution to support all your needs like hardware, software solutions. We can find us for-

  • Broken glass or LCD replacement
  • Water damage repair
  • Doc ports connector problems
  • Battery replacement
  • Charger port repair or replacement
  • Earpiece replacement
  • Loudspeaker repair
  • Front and back camera repair or replacement
  • Camera flashlight repair
  • Software installing upgrading
  • Dent repair
  • Diagnosis your smartphones, iPad, tablets or iPod and many more.

Best electronic repairing services company in Naperville il

For the smartphones, game console or tabs establishment for repairs and replacement parts, our service center has been defined as an approval commercial establishment. We are service Mac and Pc, smartphones, tablet, iPhone, iPad, game console items. If you are looking for a better servicing center to get your precious device for repair then you are just in right place.

We provide the right solution for all such electronic repair service with the brand for different gadgets in Naperville ill. We recognize the importance of your gadgets so you can trust us to be at our service quality. With the year of many different experiences in the fields of latest electronic device services we have the skills to guarantee your device get right.

We are the no one electronic device service center in Naperville il to fix all tablet, smartphones, game consoles, Mac, and PC. Also, we have the best repairing environments with modern equipped tools with a team of certified and experienced mobile technicians. We provide you the best services in minimum time but in affordable price. We offer you 30 days warranty in any services.

All we can say that, Repairgeekz always provide a customer friendly, fast, cheap and professional servicing work for your Mac, PC, Android, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablet and game console in Naperville IL. We better understand that how important your device is to your business or personal life in every day. With the quality OEM/Original parts and best rate in town, you will surely come to Repairgeekz.

We repair all electronic devices such as PCs, televisions, phones, tablets, and even your gaming consoles better than anyone. We main goal to serve each and every customer with their full satisfaction and it will be all as always.