5 Reasons Why You Need a USB Drive Data Recovery

5 Reasons Why You Need a USB Drive and Data Recovery

Today, you find new software in the market every day and developers are
cashing in on the increasing demand for apps while companies are trying to
increase their revenues. Centuries ago, life was without television, phones, and
computers but today it’s different. Unless you subscribed to cloud services and
store all your information on it, you probably use USBs every day. In fact, USBs
are pretty handy to send information from one place to another

Here are the five reasons why you need USBs.

  • USBs are major devices used for transferring data

USB drives are used for transferring information between computers. It
supersedes all other data storage devices. It is fast, efficient and durable. With
the help of a USB, a large volume of data can be transferred within a short time
from one computer to another.

  • USB drives act as an external storage device

It is a modern external storage device used for storing data and information.
People hardly use floppy or CD-ROM’s again; your desktop probably doesn’t
even have a space for a floppy disk again. If you are using a laptop, your system
may not have a DVD/CD drive and you can quickly backup all your data to a
USB drive. Unlike other devices, USBs are not easily damaged and are very

  • Installation of operating system can be done with USB drives

For a new PC or laptop, the operating system can be installed via a USB drive,
and it is preferable to a DVD /CD since only a few PCs and laptops have
DVD/CD drives that can use for installation.

  • It can be used as a mixed tape

You do not need a smartphone to listen to songs while driving. Car radios have
built-in USB ports. Just Insert your USB into the port and play the song. A USB
drive can store a large number of songs compared to a smart phone.

  • Large number of apps can be stored on a USB drive

It is the best place to store apps. Having many apps on your PC slows down the
system and makes the screen looks stuffy. However, you can store some apps
on your USB and use it when required.
In conclusion, choose a USB that suits your needs, there are different storage,
and sizes available. Make sure you have a portable means of storage

  • Data recovery on a Usb Flash Drive 

Repair Geekz can recovery and repair all the files and documents lost in a USB flash drive, at our store we have the hardware and software to recover any type of USB flash drive made. Here are just some of the USB flash drive name brands we work on and Repair

  •  LaCie XtremKey
  •  Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive
  •  SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C
  •  PNY Turbo
  •  SanDisk iXpand
  •  Apricorn Aegis
  •  Kingston DataTraveler R3.0
  •  Lexar JumpDrive M20c

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